About Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a system of health care that works with the structure and function of the body.

Osteopaths focus on improving posture, biomechanics and mobility by working on the muscles, joints and nervous system to reduce tension in the body caused by stress and injury.

• Relieve pain, aches and tension

• Restore mobility & flexibility

• Improve general wellbeing

(All without the use of drugs or surgery).


At Lara’s Clinic we pride ourselves in tailoring each treatment specifically to the individual. We consider other aspects of our patient’s lives such as lifestyle, exercise and nutrition, as well as physical symptoms. We aim to treat the underlying cause of a problem, prevent its return and provide longer lasting relief.


How Does Osteopathy Work?

All treatments are aimed to relieve pain, aches and reduce muscle tension.
Therefore leaving you feeling relaxed, better aligned and more flexible. There are many techniques that an Osteopath may use, and so treatment is always applied to best suit you and your body at that time.

Treatment involves a blend of deep tissue massage to stretch and reduce muscle tension, with joint articulation and manipulation to improve the range of movement and mobility of joints.

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“Often when joints are not correctly aligned
and muscles are tight, our mobility and function become affected. This then leads to strain in certain areas, and predisposes us to injury”

Lara (Osteopath)

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What to expect from Osteopathy treatment plans

Lara Schweidler M.Ost, D.P.O

Hi my name is Lara and I’m a fully qualified Osteopath in London Bridge, specialising in treatments for pregnant women and cranial osteopathy for babies.

Lara’s Clinic is located at The Harmony Pain Relief and Injury Clinic in London Bridge.


My background includes completing a four-year Masters degree in Osteopathy at The British School of Osteopathy in 2010. Having enjoyed working with families and children during my training, I decided to specialise in osteopathy for children. This led me to work for over two years at The Osteopathic Centre for Children alongside general practice, completing a Diploma in Paediatric Osteopathy.


I have experience treating people of all ages with a wide range of injuries. As a result of my background I use a combination of structural osteopathic techniques such as joint articulation, manipulation and soft tissue massage, as well as cranial osteopathy and dry needling techniques.


Fully Registered Osteopath

Lara's Clinic
Welcome to Lara’s Clinic. Osteopathy treatment for people of all ages. We treat Babies & Children, Sports injuries, Pregnancy and more. Based in Central London, London Bridge and Borough SE1. Book an appointment 07901916720 or email reception@larasclinic.com
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About Osteopathy
Osteopathy eliminates pain without surgery. Call for a treatment at Lara's Clinic, London Bridge, Southwark or Borough Market, London SE1.
Osteopathy eliminates pain without surgery. Call for a treatment at Lara's Clinic, London Bridge, Southwark or Borough Market, London SE1.